AK-Invest is a synonym for a professional, serious company and with long experience, which offers her own experience and knowledge-base in the whole region and more. The vision and the strategy for making a stable and profitable company are confirmed from the beginning with the projects realized also with the permanently growth of the appropriate mechanical equipment, human resources and the licenses according to all standards.

Our activities are related to the all fields of the construction like:

  • Construction of the buildings, residential and public objects
  • Infrastructures Projects –Streets local roads asphalting, highways, bridges, water supply and sewerage systems, irrigation systems construction of the river beds regulation Projects, as well as other type.

The company plans to expand professionally in the country and in the region, and to continue the ongoing professional work. The company sees the future investment in the modern machinery and monitoring global trends in building and new technologies. We also produce sand and have separator for sand of all granulation types in Jegunovce and Vratnica.

Seen from the professional aspect the company has these profiles of employees:

  • Architects with certificate A and B for design, performance and control
  • Construction engineers
  • Hidro engineers
  • Electrical engineer
  • Mechanical engineers for the maintenance of the vehicles
  • Geodetic engineers
  • Economists
  • Lawyers

Type of contracts we are ready to undertake:

  • Execution of civil engineering, related building trade and installation works for all types of building construction, civil engineering construction, hydraulic structures, rebuilding, adaptation and repair of existing buildings, both in the Country and Abroad;
  • Preparation of investment and technical documentation, town planning and civil engineering reports;
  • Preparation of building construction projects concerning technological processes, installation and equipment for all types of construction;
  • Engineering services;
  • Building construction services;
  • Construction of apartment buildings;
  • Processing treatment of natural and granular sand and gravel, ready - made concrete and concrete elements, other concrete products and structures;
  • Fabrication of reinforcement and formwork;
  • Operations and maintenance of construction machinery, transportation means and services to third persons;
  • Execution of electro technical and electro insulating works for clients and for third persons;
  • Fabrication and insulation of constructional joinery;
  • Execution of sheet - metal works, locksmith's and plumbing works for the clients and the third person;
  • Interiors